Discovery Experience: Paris, je t’aime

  • Discovery Experience: Paris, je t’aime
Paris will not be an unexplored city anymore, you will discover each corner of Paris and all its symbols: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Bateaux-mouche, Versailles, Astérix Park/Disneyland...

Project profile

Energy Required :

Group Strength:  8 to 30 participants
Age: 7 to 20 years old.
Flight: Oman → Paris → Oman
Getting around: Metro, bus, tram, walking and/or perhaps bicycle if the entire group is comfortable
Accommodation: Hotel 2/3 pax per room
Food: A daily self-service breakfast + packed meal + warm "seated" meal
Group Leader: Experienced and qualified native French, speaking English

Project Highlights

Paris has almost exhausted the superlatives that can be reasonably applied to describe a city. Notre Dame, the Eiffel tower and the Champs-Elysées have been mentioned innumerable times. What writers rarely capture is the magic of strolling along the broad avenues, impressive public buildings the exceptional museums that lead to the parks, gardens and esplanades of Paris.

First-time visitors often arrive with certain expectations.. The main aim is to go beyond any preconceptions and explore the city's avenues and back streets just to show you that the monuments like the Eiffel Tower are just the tip of the iceberg.

Paris is charming in every season, at any time of the day and like a good meal, it excites and satisfies, the memory lingers. In 'A movable Feast', the American author Ernest Hemingway wrote: "If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life if stays with you, for Paris is a movable feast."

Those of us who were able to take Mr Hemingway's piece of advice in our salad days could not agree more. We're still dining out on the memories and we trust so will you.

Our Strengths:
  • Discover Paris with one of our French Milna team member, who is well acquainted with Paris since they live or have lived in Paris!
  • Stay together in a hotel in Paris area (8 nights)
  • Visit the famous monuments and also what is usually hidden or unknown to the tourists
  • Two-days treasure hunt as a team, to explore the city in a different way
  • Security and respect for the safety rules
  • We follow the security instructions strictly, especially when outdoors;
  • We follow the French law protecting the youth while organizing a travel;
  • A Milna French person is with the group during the entire Exchange, who’s reachable at all times.
Responsible traveler:
We use the public transportation and limit the group detritus to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint caused by this project.

This is the program itinerary based on a stay in Paris area

The order of the activities might change but all what is written will be covered and much more if the group has energy and time.

Day 1: Flight Oman-Paris, airport transfer and check-in at the hotel. Once ready, we will head to the Opera House, the Palais-Royal, the Madeleine, the grands boulevards… Paris and the Belle Epoque.

Day 2: (Meetings with French students can be organised)*, then, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint-Louis, the Latin Quarter ... The historic heart of Paris.

Day 3: (Meetings with French students can be organised)*, then, the Butte Montmartre, the Sacré-Coeur, Pigalle, the Batignolles district ... On the picturesque trail of Paris.

Day 4: (Meetings with French students can be organised)*, then, the quaysides, the islands, left bank, right bank ... Travelling through Paris along the Seine by walk and Bateau mouche. We will have a "picnic dinner" on the Seine's bank like thousands of Parisians.

Day 5: (Meetings with French students can be organised)*, then, Trocadéro, Invalides, the Musée du Quai Branly, the Champ-de-Mars, the Pont Alexandre III, the Eiffel Tower (By night) ... A walk full of grandiose perspectives and sights.

Day 6: (Meetings with French students can be organised)*, then, the Louvre, Concorde, avenue Montaigne, the Tuileries gardens, the Grand Palais, the Champs-Elysées ... A tour of mythical, magical Paris.

Day 7: (Meetings with French students can be organised)*, then, the Château de Versailles: Its gardens, the Royal Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel, the Royal Opera, the fountains, the status... Followed by a time for shopping in the biggest mall of France.

Day 8: Visit 32 attractions, 8 shows and 6 different worlds at the Park Astérix. (Otherwise it will be Disneyland if Park Astérix is closed or as per the group choice)

Day 9: As per the flight timing, last visits and return flight Paris-Oman.

* The interactions with the French students, highly advised, are optional, only if the group wishes it.
Your wish to meet French students has to be announced at the booking step.
It can be done, as per school availability in the mornings or the afternoons, week-ends and holidays excluded.

Departure and rate per person

The Terms and Conditions

The Discovery Experience "Paris: Je t'aime" is possible throughout the year.

The duration of this Discovery Experience is 8 nights in Paris + flights (Want more days? Cost per extra day starts at ≈57.46 OMR . Contact us)

120 days
Starting 1750 EUR*
8 nights
In Paris area
**/*** hotels
Double/triple occupancy
Family stay free option (⩽3 nights)
School visits free add-on
Paris by night visits
Milna French team member
90 days
Starting 1900 EUR*
8 nights
In Paris area
**/*** hotels
Double/triple occupancy
Family stay free option (⩽3 nights)
School visits free add-on
Paris by night visits
Milna French team member
60 days
Starting 2050 EUR*
8 nights
In Paris area
**/*** hotels
Double/triple occupancy
Family stay free option (⩽3 nights)
School visits free add-on
Paris by night visits
Milna French team member
30 days
Starting 2200 EUR*
8 nights
In Paris area
**/*** hotels
Double/triple occupancy
Family stay free option (⩽3 nights)
School visits free add-on
Paris by night visits
Milna French team member

Rate including:
  • Rate all included
  • One French teacher every 10 students
  • Project starting and ending from the concerned departure airport
  • Certificate for each participant
The rate does not include:
  • Transfer to/from the starting concerned airport
  • Personal expenditure
(*) The prices mentioned above are subject to availability. The official rates are in Euros. The rate of exchange used for calculating cost in OMR is subject to change and the final rate applied will be at the actual time of order on our "Shop" section. The final amount in OMR will be displayed by selecting OMR as currency.
Eventual options:
  • French Sim card
  • Extra days in Paris
  • Excursion in a neighboring country
  • A TGV tour to experience the legend
  • Stopover in another country (As per the airline stopover)
About the "120 days offer":
For the 120 days offer, we will do our maximum to respect your preferred date of departure, however, the dates of the project must be flexible +/- 7 days.
Valid passport + Visa (As per your citizenship).
  • Our team has a pharmacy adapted to the destination.
  • Anywhere you go in Europe, no vaccination is mandatory.
  • A member of Milna is present with the traveling group during the entire length of the stay. He/ She will ensure the security and safety of the group.
  • In case of an emergency, the traveler will be taken into care by the nearest hospital. If needed, he will be repatriated in the best conditions.

What is a Discovery Experience Project and what happens in this project?
A Discovery Experience is a project where the participant can experience the life in another country not like a tourist but like a traveler aware of what is surrounding him. Understanding the local culture and the way of life of the inhabitants. For us, traveling is not the goal. It is in fact a wonderful tool to make the participant grow. Making them grow by letting them take responsibilities, involve in the program, lead a visit, take group decisions.

How does the payment deadline work?
The principle is simple: The earliest you book your project and pay, more you will save. By paying us in advance, we can book the accommodation, transportation etc in advance.
We get them for a competitive price so we make you benefit from this saving, hence the different deadlines.
Let's say you select the 90 days' deadline, it means, that 100% of the payment needs to reach us no later than 90 days before the departure. If you have already paid 10% with the Milna Booking Form, the remaining payment will be 90% to send us no later than 90 days before the departure.If your payment is not reaching us before the 90 days' deadline, then the  60 days' deadline will apply.(Check our rates to know the exact amount) If today is the 91st day before the departure and you want the 90 days' deadline, you have to send us 100% of the amount to respect the deadline and avail the 90 days special offer, but no later than that.

What happens when the participant arrives at the destination and how will I know if she/he has arrived?
Milna maintains a 'Before/During/After the Discovery Experience Project' blog in which we mention the itinerary and the calendar of the participants. During the project we put our best efforts to update the parents/guardians about each activity of the participants through articles, pictures and videos on our blog. The blog’s name would be communicated to all the participants and their families.

At which destination will the project take place?
This Discovery Experience Project will take place in Paris. The participants will be in Paris area.

What do we do about the visas?
Milna will facilitate the visa formalities of the participants and the teachers. Our team will provide you the list of required documents for the visa. Please make sure that all the documents in the list are submitted with us as soon as possible or within the duration communicated to you.

What about travel and health insurance?
Travel and health insurance is not always compulsory to obtain a visa or the right to access a country, since many participants might already have an insurance covering them yearly, each participant is required to check if he/she is already covered.If not covered, Milna recommends the participant to have one covering him during the project.

Who will take care of the participants?
In most cases, the French teacher of the participants shall accompany them to France. In other cases, if the French teacher cannot go, then any other teacher chosen by the participants' school shall go along with one Milna person. Our Milna person is French and is very well acquainted with France and its culture and will stay with the your group during the entire Discovery Experience Project. Anyone can contact the French teacher and the Milna person for any assistance at any time.

What will the participant eat?
The participant will be enjoying local delicacies that will be respecting his/her diet and preferences that has been mentioned in the "I'm going!" form.

How much pocket money should the participant carry?
For sake of the participant's private expenditure (shopping etc.), you can give some pocket money, it all depends on what the participant would like to buy from France. In general, we believe that 15 Euros per day is largely enough to fulfill the normal shopping desires.

Where the participant will stay?
All the participants will stay together in a flat or a hotel in Paris area, depending on the group's size and time of the year.

What if my question was not answered here?
Please feel free to contact us.