About Us

A few words:

Milna’s managers have been working actively, in the fields of education and leisure, for over 14 years. Our rich experience is drawn from many different travels we have organized through the years (Exchange Program, Discovery Experience programs, Linguistic stay in various countries like: USA, Canada, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia, India, England, Netherlands, Ireland...).

Milna is a Non Profit Organization. We offer projects, of various kinds with the same goal: To create links between people. We have a deep understanding of the values of the countries we operate and the way these rich and complex countries, their educational institutes function. This allows us to manage the projects, we offer by, ourselves.

Milna has developed its powerful local networks. These networks help us to handle many different situations. Because we understand the cultures and the nitty-gritties of the countries that we operate in, we know how to find solutions quickly and efficiently.

Milna is a team of dynamic and experienced members. We have worked with city halls, independent companies, associations, NGOs, schools. Through the years, Milna has acquired a significant amount of experience in the management of travel and other ambitious projects. We continuously strive to improve our services.

Milna has always focused on our participants' needs in order to satisfy them. Our aim is to guide you in your experience as a traveler and not as just a simple tourist. We will push you to meet the locals and interact with them in order to ensure a total cultural immersion from your side.

Let’s keep it authentic and put “the link” back at the core of our activities.

“Link creation” is the key element of our project: Men are social beings. We believe that man is perfectible indefinitely as long as he continues to share. Therefore, we have founded our organization, aiming to create links between individuals. Links have many virtues, from maintaining peace to personal enrichment, today, links have become key to everyone’s balance.


We offer a “proactive immersion”, meaning a commitment that focuses on personal development by way of a trip experience. Milna allows you to live as a traveler rather than a tourist. Travelers flourish as they experience the cultural differences, while tourists may not learn the same. While tourists observe passively, travelers participate actively. It is by pushing you to meet and interact with the locals that we strive to unravel a country’s complexity. We wish for the traveler to imbibe various local habits and traditions. We aim at “cultural assimilation” for sake of the individual.


We guarantee you comfortable adaptation to foreign cultures. We are aware of the importance of supporting travelers through their phase of adaptation to different cultures. In the past, we have witnessed that individuals tend to get confused when they are not in a familiar place/environment. The issues faced by them often force individuals to adapt physically and morally. This can be a source of discomfort, which we anticipate. Moreover, issues arising from a culture shock (language, habits, lifestyle, etc), climatic changes, or hygiene (food, health) can affect a traveler’s experience. We are here to help! So, are you ready to dive into a new cultural pool?



"Two things control a man's nature, instinct and experience." » Blaise Pascal

Milna organizes projects around the world for 14 years. No room is left to improvisation, which is why projects are developed by experienced travelers and management teams expert in projects.

Milna’s founders are passionate. Being very enthusiastic about developing links between people, they want to contribute to the meeting of cultures.Therefore, the aim of Milna’s project is to contribute to cultural exchanges.

Milna’s founders are experienced. Having traveled more than 50 countries, they have assessed institutional and structural voids in order to understand better all the obstacles that travelers could come across. They are now very well acquainted and therefore, they can anticipate and find solutions to various situations or issues.

Today, Milna is a cohesive and ambitious team. These friendly and imaginative partners are now ready to cater to your needs! Milna team members are trained to help and adapt to any traveler’s profile.

Milna team’s goal is to share its passion to grow-up by traveling, with a lot of work and professionalism.


Milna team is essentially made of avid travelers who, just like you, hate conventional tourism, as being only a tourist, one cannot acquire a real feel of a country by staying in a closed group.


Milna’s philosophy is based on enjoyment! As you will see by yourself, Milna people are energetic and friendly, they will welcome you warmly and show you the time of your life!

Philanthropic internationalization! We are convinced that the current economic globalization will bring different people together. Therefore, Milna wishes to follow this trend of cultural mixing. However, this will imply analyzing our own realities. We offer the possibility to analyze yourself and your world more efficiently . Milna is an organization with a big-heart that wishes to promote the importance of “Links”.


Peace is a key element in the sustainability of the human race. We are convinced that only sharing and inquiring between individuals will contribute to knowledge, and therefore, to the fading of rivalry. It is by knowing others that we learn to accept them. We believe in a New World Order. In the long run, we believe that the world will have to work by taking into consideration everyone’s opinions without rejecting them. Therefore, Milna encourages cultural mixing in order to contribute to sustainable peace.




A heart full of values!

Altruism and open-mindedness is our motto! We fight “authoritarian tourism” and promote “free tourism”! You will need curiosity to start conversations with locals and understand the originality of civilizations. We truly want travelers to engage in the learning of collective life. We will encourage you to find your way around to an extent so that the trip does not lose its personality, as this would be an obstacle to cultural assimilation.


Availability and Responsibility. You are in good hands! To give you the freedom that you need to discover a country, we provide you with a set of tools to allow you to move around safely. We will be available for any enquiry at all times and we will anticipate most of your difficulties, in advance, in order to help you face them easily.


Our values are based on a commitment to efficiency and quality. Thus, we have created a task force to continuously improve the services we offer. This group is responsible for the development and enrichment of our ethical charter. This allows us to acquire instruments necessary to juggle between different cultures discipline.